For many years the WCF (then ICF) did not collect results and statistics from their championships. The medal winners were kept but no results and no line-up's. Had it not been for the work of three journalists who retrieved and put together the results and line-up's from all the World, World Junior and European Championships this web site would never have seen the light of day.

The journalists were: Doug Maxwell, Bob Picken and Håkan Sundström

Since this web site was created in 2002 I have received an endless number of updates from all around the world regarding anything from changing a letter in a name to people whom been proof-reading a number of the Championships.

I would like to extend a special thanks to a few individuals who helped me through the years:

  • Jussi Uusipaavalniemi - who helped me with anything Finnish
  • Peter Becker, Hugh Millikin and Loren de Pape - who helped me collect most of the information regarding the Pacific's
  • Johannes Jensen - who sees to it that I'm correct regarding anything that has to do with Tårnby CC in Denmark :-)
  • Richard Maskel - who gave me the whole WCC Challenge of 1989. These challenges are one of the things I'm still desperately seeking
  • Christian Saager, Nadine Saager (Curlstat) and Brian Connelly (CCA) - for supplying such excellent results and statistics services from an endless number of championships
  • Keith Wendorf - it's a part of his job to support me with information but never the less I do appreciate it
  • Erika Müller - for helping me with every Swiss curler who changed their name when they got married
  • Markus Schaal - that proof-read all the European's when I entered them and found a number of inconsistencies
  • ... and many many more...

Thanks to you all
Paul Ahlgren
WCF Results Keeper