Background Facts

Please note that the information is calculated as of the tournament start date and is not updated thereafter.

  Association Latest result Best Result
Australia Australia - - - -
China China - - - -
Japan Japan - - - -
Korea Korea - - - -
New Zealand New Zealand - - - -
Finals played
Medals won
Games Played
Games Won
Kristina Wilby (AUS)
Jodie Edgerton (AUS)
Skye Gibbs (AUS)
Brigitte Brousil (AUS)
Yue Sun (CHN)
Xinna Yu (CHN)
Qingshuang Yue (CHN)
Bingyu Wang (CHN)
Megumi Mabuchi (JPN)
Natsuki Yoshida (JPN)
Megumi Kobayashi (JPN)
Ai Kobayashi (JPN)
Akiko Yamazaki (JPN)
Mi-Jin Kim (KOR)
Hyo Kyung Lee (KOR)
Ji-Hyun Kim (KOR)
Ji Suk Kim (KOR)
Jung-Yun Koo (KOR)
Abby Lee Pyle (NZL)
Marisa Jones (NZL)
Natasha Dallow (NZL)
Brydie Donald (NZL)
Charmian Pearson-White (NZL)

Players with age known: 4 of 23

Average age of the field: 19.3 years

Yue Sun () 18y 5m
Xinna Yu () 18y 10m
Qingshuang Yue () 19y 3m
Bingyu Wang () 20y 6m
Bingyu Wang () 20y 6m
Qingshuang Yue () 19y 3m
Xinna Yu () 18y 10m
Yue Sun () 18y 5m
Youngest skips
Bingyu Wang () 20y 6m
Oldest skips
Bingyu Wang () 20y 6m