Background Facts

Please note that the information is calculated as of the tournament start date and is not updated thereafter.

  Association Latest result Best Result
Australia Australia 6 Hugh Millikin (1992) 6 Hugh Millikin (1992)
Canada Canada 3 Vic Peters (1992) 1 Ed Werenich (1990), Pat Ryan (1989), Russ Howard (1987), Ed Lukowich (1986), Al Hackner (1985), Ed Werenich (1983), Al Hackner (1982), Rick Folk (1980), Orest Meleschuk (1972), Don Duguid (1971), Don Duguid (1970), Ron Northcott (1969), Ron Northcott (1968), Ron Northcott (1966), Lyall Dagg (1964), Ernie Richardson (1963), Ernie Richardson (1962), Hector Gervais (1961), Ernie Richardson (1960), Ernie Richardson (1959)
Denmark Denmark 8 Christian Thune (1991) 3 Tommy Stjerne (1990), Frants Gufler (1985)
France France 10 Christophe Boan (1992) 3 Pierre Boan (1973)
Germany Germany 9 Rodger Gustaf Schmidt (1992) 2 Rodger Gustaf Schmidt (1987), Keith Wendorf (1983)
Norway Norway 3 Eigil Ramsfjell (1991) 1 Eigil Ramsfjell (1988), Eigil Ramsfjell (1984), Kristian Sørum (1979)
Scotland Scotland 2 Hammy McMillan (1992) 1 David Smith (1991), Chuck Hay (1967)
Switzerland Switzerland 1 Markus Eggler (1992) 1 Markus Eggler (1992), Jürg Tanner (1981), Otto Danieli (1975)
Sweden Sweden 7 Mikael Hasselborg (1992) 1 Ragnar Kamp (1977), Kjell Oscarius (1973)
United States of America United States of America 3 Doug Jones (1992) 1 Bob Nichols (1978), Bruce Roberts (1976), Raymond "Bud" Somerville (1974), Raymond "Bud" Somerville (1965)
Oluf Olsen (DEN) 5
David Smith (SCO) 5
Peter Smith (SCO) 4
David Hay (SCO) 4
Michael Harry (DEN) 4
Gert Larsen (DEN) 3
Flemming Davanger (NOR) 2
Peter Smith (SCO) 1
David Hay (SCO) 1
David Smith (SCO) 1
Russ Howard (CAN) 1
Glenn Howard (CAN) 1
Graeme Connal (SCO) 1
Oluf Olsen (DEN) 0
Finals played
Peter Smith (SCO) 3
David Smith (SCO) 3
David Hay (SCO) 2
Russ Howard (CAN) 1
Glenn Howard (CAN) 1
Wolfgang Burba (GER) 1
Graeme Connal (SCO) 1
Medals won
Peter Smith (SCO) 4
David Smith (SCO) 4
David Hay (SCO) 3
Russ Howard (CAN) 1
Glenn Howard (CAN) 1
Wolfgang Burba (GER) 1
Graeme Connal (SCO) 1
Games Played
David Smith (SCO) 53
Oluf Olsen (DEN) 48
Peter Smith (SCO) 44
David Hay (SCO) 42
Gert Larsen (DEN) 30
Michael Harry (DEN) 30
Wolfgang Burba (GER) 21
Games Won
David Smith (SCO) 40
Peter Smith (SCO) 35
David Hay (SCO) 30
Oluf Olsen (DEN) 15
Gert Larsen (DEN) 13
Michael Harry (DEN) 13
Russ Howard (CAN) 9
Gerald Chick (AUS)
Brian Johnson (AUS)
Neil Galbraith (AUS)
Wayne Middaugh (CAN)
Peter Corner (CAN)
Larry Merkley (CAN)
Tom Nielsen (DEN)
Jan Henri Ducroz (FRA)
Laurent Flenghi (FRA)
Joel Indergand (FRA)
Daniel Herberg (GER)
Markus Herberg (GER)
Pål Trulsen (NOR)
Dieter Wüest (SUI)
Jens Piesbergen (SUI)
Peter Grendelmeier (SUI)
Simon Roth (SUI)
Martin Zürrer (SUI)
Peja Lindholm (SWE)
Tomas Nordin (SWE)
Magnus Swartling (SWE)
Peter Narup (SWE)
Örjan Jonsson (SWE)
Pete Fenson (USA)
Tim Johnson (USA)

Players with age known: 22 of 50

Average age of the field: 27.8 years

Daniel Herberg (GER) 19y 0m
Jan Henri Ducroz (FRA) 21y 10m
Martin Beiser (GER) 21y 11m
Peja Lindholm (SWE) 22y 9m
Magnus Swartling (SWE) 23y 1m
Tomas Nordin (SWE) 23y 5m
Graeme Connal (SCO) 23y 6m
Scott Baird (USA) 41y 8m
Russ Howard (CAN) 37y 1m
Hugh Millikin (AUS) 35y 8m
Gert Larsen (DEN) 33y 1m
Stig-Arne Gunnestad (NOR) 31y 1m
David Hay (SCO) 31y 1m
Pål Trulsen (NOR) 30y 11m
Youngest skips
Peja Lindholm (SWE) 22y 9m
Gert Larsen (DEN) 33y 1m
Hugh Millikin (AUS) 35y 8m
Russ Howard (CAN) 37y 1m
Oldest skips
Scott Baird (USA) 41y 8m
Russ Howard (CAN) 37y 1m
Hugh Millikin (AUS) 35y 8m
Gert Larsen (DEN) 33y 1m