Background Facts

Please note that the information is calculated as of the tournament start date and is not updated thereafter.

  Association Latest result Best Result
Australia Australia 10 Hugh Millikin (1994) 6 Hugh Millikin (1993), Hugh Millikin (1992)
Canada Canada 1 Rick Folk (1994) 1 Rick Folk (1994), Russ Howard (1993), Ed Werenich (1990), Pat Ryan (1989), Russ Howard (1987), Ed Lukowich (1986), Al Hackner (1985), Ed Werenich (1983), Al Hackner (1982), Rick Folk (1980), Orest Meleschuk (1972), Don Duguid (1971), Don Duguid (1970), Ron Northcott (1969), Ron Northcott (1968), Ron Northcott (1966), Lyall Dagg (1964), Ernie Richardson (1963), Ernie Richardson (1962), Hector Gervais (1961), Ernie Richardson (1960), Ernie Richardson (1959)
England England 8 Alistair Burns (1992) 8 Alistair Burns (1992)
Germany Germany 3 Andy Kapp (1994) 2 Rodger Gustaf Schmidt (1987), Keith Wendorf (1983)
Norway Norway 6 Tormod Andreassen (1994) 1 Eigil Ramsfjell (1988), Eigil Ramsfjell (1984), Kristian Sørum (1979)
Scotland Scotland 7 Colin Hamilton (1994) 1 David Smith (1991), Chuck Hay (1967)
Switzerland Switzerland 3 Markus Eggler (1994) 1 Markus Eggler (1992), Jürg Tanner (1981), Otto Danieli (1975)
Sweden Sweden 2 Jan-Olov Nässén (1994) 1 Ragnar Kamp (1977), Kjell Oscarius (1973)
United States of America United States of America 5 Scott Baird (1994) 1 Bob Nichols (1978), Bruce Roberts (1976), Raymond "Bud" Somerville (1974), Raymond "Bud" Somerville (1965)
Wales Wales - - - -
Eigil Ramsfjell (NOR) 13
Sjur Loen (NOR) 9
Raymond "Bud" Somerville (USA) 5
Andy Kapp (GER) 4
Hugh Millikin (AUS) 3
Michael Schäffer (GER) 3
Gerald Chick (AUS) 2
Eigil Ramsfjell (NOR) 3
Sjur Loen (NOR) 2
Raymond "Bud" Somerville (USA) 2
Graeme Connal (SCO) 1
Hugh Millikin (AUS) 0
Gerald Chick (AUS) 0
Steve Hewitt (AUS) 0
Finals played
Eigil Ramsfjell (NOR) 5
Raymond "Bud" Somerville (USA) 4
Sjur Loen (NOR) 2
Gordon Muirhead (SCO) 2
Graeme Connal (SCO) 2
Jan-Olov Nässén (SWE) 1
Hugh Millikin (AUS) 0
Medals won
Eigil Ramsfjell (NOR) 9
Sjur Loen (NOR) 6
Raymond "Bud" Somerville (USA) 5
Gordon Muirhead (SCO) 2
Graeme Connal (SCO) 2
Jan-Olov Nässén (SWE) 2
Kerry Burtnyk (CAN) 1
Games Played
Eigil Ramsfjell (NOR) 137
Sjur Loen (NOR) 93
Raymond "Bud" Somerville (USA) 46
Andy Kapp (GER) 29
Hugh Millikin (AUS) 27
Graeme Connal (SCO) 22
Jan-Olov Nässén (SWE) 22
Games Won
Eigil Ramsfjell (NOR) 92
Sjur Loen (NOR) 59
Raymond "Bud" Somerville (USA) 32
Graeme Connal (SCO) 17
Jan-Olov Nässén (SWE) 14
Hugh Millikin (AUS) 9
Andy Kapp (GER) 9
Stephen Johns (AUS)
Jeff Ryan (CAN)
Rob Meakin (CAN)
Keith Fenton (CAN)
Denis Fillion (CAN)
Andrew Hemming (ENG)
Phil Atherton (ENG)
Anthon Grimsmo (NOR)
Jan Thoresen (NOR)
Tore Torvbråten (NOR)
Peter Loudon (SCO)
Andreas Schwaller (SUI)
Christof Schwaller (SUI)
Reto Ziegler (SUI)
Peter Eggenschwiler (SUI)
Rolf Iseli (SUI)
Tim Somerville (USA)
Mike Schneeberger (USA)
Myles Brundidge (USA)
John Gordon (USA)
Jamie Meikle (WAL)
Adrian Meikle (WAL)
John Hunt (WAL)
Hugh Meikle (WAL)
Chris Wells (WAL)

Players with age known: 23 of 50

Average age of the field: 30.7 years

Uli Kapp (GER) 23y 11m
Andreas Schwaller (SUI) 24y 9m
Oliver Axnick (GER) 24y 10m
Peja Lindholm (SWE) 24y 10m
Holger Höhne (GER) 24y 11m
Magnus Swartling (SWE) 25y 1m
Tomas Nordin (SWE) 25y 5m
Raymond "Bud" Somerville (USA) 58y 2m
Eigil Ramsfjell (NOR) 40y 0m
Hugh Millikin (AUS) 37y 9m
John Gordon (USA) 37y 0m
Kerry Burtnyk (CAN) 36y 4m
Myles Brundidge (USA) 34y 10m
Tim Somerville (USA) 34y 6m
Youngest skips
Andreas Schwaller (SUI) 24y 9m
Peja Lindholm (SWE) 24y 10m
Andy Kapp (GER) 27y 4m
Tim Somerville (USA) 34y 6m
Oldest skips
Eigil Ramsfjell (NOR) 40y 0m
Hugh Millikin (AUS) 37y 9m
Kerry Burtnyk (CAN) 36y 4m
Tim Somerville (USA) 34y 6m