Background Facts

Please note that the information is calculated as of the tournament start date and is not updated thereafter.

  Association Latest result Best Result
Canada Canada 5 Jonathan Beuk (2011) 1 Mike McEwen (2003)
China China 3 Fengchun Wang (2009) 3 Fengchun Wang (2009)
Czech Republic Czech Republic 3 Lukas Klima (2011) 3 Lukas Klima (2011)
Great Britain Great Britain 4 Glen Muirhead (2011) 2 John Hamilton (2007)
Italy Italy 10 Alberto Rostagnotto (2007) 9 Joel Retornaz (2003)
Korea Korea 1 Chang-Min Kim (2011) 1 Chang-Min Kim (2011)
Norway Norway 7 Markus Snøve Høiberg (2011) 2 Thomas Løvold (2009)
Switzerland Switzerland 2 Pascal Hess (2011) 2 Pascal Hess (2011), Cyril Stutz (2003)
Sweden Sweden 8 Christoffer Sundgren (2011) 1 Niklas Edin (2009)
United States of America United States of America 6 Blake Morton (2011) 1 John Shuster (2007)
Chang-Min Kim (KOR) 3
Min-Chan Kim (KOR) 3
Se Hyeon Seong (KOR) 2
Young Seon Seo (KOR) 2
Chris Plys (USA) 1
Jiri Candra (CZE) 1
Markus Snøve Høiberg (NOR) 1
Chang-Min Kim (KOR) 1
Chris Plys (USA) 1
Min-Chan Kim (KOR) 1
Se Hyeon Seong (KOR) 1
Young Seon Seo (KOR) 1
Eun-Su Oh (KOR) 1
Jiri Candra (CZE) 0
Finals played
Chang-Min Kim (KOR) 1
Chris Plys (USA) 1
Min-Chan Kim (KOR) 1
Se Hyeon Seong (KOR) 1
Young Seon Seo (KOR) 1
Eun-Su Oh (KOR) 1
Stefan Meienberg (SUI) 1
Medals won
Chang-Min Kim (KOR) 1
Chris Plys (USA) 1
Jiri Candra (CZE) 1
Min-Chan Kim (KOR) 1
David Jirounek (CZE) 1
Tomas Paul (CZE) 1
Lukas Klima (CZE) 1
Games Played
Chang-Min Kim (KOR) 31
Min-Chan Kim (KOR) 31
Se Hyeon Seong (KOR) 22
Jiri Candra (CZE) 12
Tomas Paul (CZE) 12
Lukas Klima (CZE) 12
Chris Plys (USA) 11
Games Won
Chang-Min Kim (KOR) 19
Min-Chan Kim (KOR) 19
Se Hyeon Seong (KOR) 15
Chris Plys (USA) 9
Young Seon Seo (KOR) 9
Jiri Candra (CZE) 8
Tomas Paul (CZE) 8
Brendan Bottcher (CAN)
Parker Konschuh (CAN)
Michael Lizmore (CAN)
Brad Thiessen (CAN)
Karrick Martin (CAN)
Xiuyue Ma (CHN)
Jinbo Wang (CHN)
Shicheng Xiao (CHN)
Yanlong Ma (CHN)
Jiaqi Pan (CHN)
Martin Jurik (CZE)
Thomas Muirhead (GBR)
Kyle Smith (GBR)
Kyle Waddell (GBR)
Derrick Sloan (GBR)
Cameron Smith (GBR)
Simone Gonin (ITA)
Julien Genre (ITA)
Andrea Pilzer (ITA)
Marco Pascale (ITA)
Fabio Sola (ITA)
Sander Rølvåg (NOR)
Magnus Nedregotten (NOR)
Wilhelm Naess (NOR)
Sven Iten (SUI)
Patrick Poli (SUI)
Mario Freiberger (SUI)
Rainer Kobler (SUI)
Kristian Lindström (SWE)
Oskar Eriksson (SWE)
Markus Eriksson (SWE)
Sean Beighton (USA)
Korey Dropkin (USA)
Thomas Howell (USA)
Stephen Dropkin (USA)

Average age of the field: 23.3 years

Jinbo Wang (CHN) 18y 6m
Korey Dropkin (USA) 18y 6m
Thomas Muirhead (GBR) 18y 8m
Thomas Howell (USA) 19y 1m
Wilhelm Naess (NOR) 19y 3m
Derrick Sloan (GBR) 19y 7m
Kyle Waddell (GBR) 19y 11m
Sven Iten (SUI) 28y 9m
Chang-Min Kim (KOR) 28y 3m
Jiri Candra (CZE) 27y 7m
Rainer Kobler (SUI) 26y 10m
Min-Chan Kim (KOR) 26y 9m
Markus Eriksson (SWE) 26y 8m
Chris Plys (USA) 26y 3m
Youngest skips
Kyle Smith (GBR) 21y 5m
Brendan Bottcher (CAN) 21y 11m
Xiuyue Ma (CHN) 22y 6m
Oskar Eriksson (SWE) 22y 6m
Oldest skips
Chang-Min Kim (KOR) 28y 3m
Chris Plys (USA) 26y 3m
Mario Freiberger (SUI) 25y 10m
Marco Pascale (ITA) 25y 6m