Background Facts

Please note that the information is calculated as of the tournament start date and is not updated thereafter.

  Association Latest result Best Result
Canada Canada - - - -
China China - - - -
Japan Japan - - - -
Norway Norway - - - -
Scotland Scotland - - - -
Switzerland Switzerland - - - -
Sweden Sweden - - - -
United States of America United States of America - - - -
Finals played
Medals won
Games Played
Games Won
Ben Hebert (CAN)
Kevin Koe (CAN)
Colton Flasch (CAN)
BJ Neufeld (CAN)
Jialiang Zang (CHN)
Dexin Ba (CHN)
Jinbo Wang (CHN)
Yanlong Ma (CHN)
Go Aoki (JPN)
Kei Kamada (JPN)
Masaki Iwai (JPN)
Ryotaro Shukuya (JPN)
Kouki Ogiwara (JPN)
Markus Høiberg (NOR)
Steffen Walstad (NOR)
Magnus Nedregotten (NOR)
Magnus Vågberg (NOR)
Hammy Jr McMillan (SCO)
Bruce Mouat (SCO)
Grant Hardie (SCO)
Bobby Lammie (SCO)
Sven Michel (SUI)
Benoît Schwarz (SUI)
Peter de Cruz (SUI)
Valentin Tanner (SUI)
Niklas Edin (SWE)
Oskar Eriksson (SWE)
Christoffer Sundgren (SWE)
Rasmus Wranå (SWE)
Greg Persinger (USA)
Rich Ruohonen (USA)
Sean Beighton (USA)
Kroy Nernberger (USA)

Players with age known: 29 of 33

Average age of the field: 29.0 years

Go Aoki (JPN) 18y 9m
Bobby Lammie (SCO) 21y 7m
Magnus Vågberg (NOR) 22y 8m
Ryotaro Shukuya (JPN) 23y 0m
Jinbo Wang (CHN) 23y 3m
Rasmus Wranå (SWE) 23y 9m
Bruce Mouat (SCO) 24y 0m
Rich Ruohonen (USA) 47y 5m
Kevin Koe (CAN) 43y 8m
Greg Persinger (USA) 40y 6m
Ben Hebert (CAN) 35y 5m
Niklas Edin (SWE) 33y 2m
Masaki Iwai (JPN) 33y 1m
Jialiang Zang (CHN) 30y 8m
Youngest skips
Bruce Mouat (SCO) 24y 0m
Peter de Cruz (SUI) 28y 8m
Steffen Walstad (NOR) 29y 7m
Jialiang Zang (CHN) 30y 8m
Oldest skips
Rich Ruohonen (USA) 47y 5m
Kevin Koe (CAN) 43y 8m
Niklas Edin (SWE) 33y 2m
Masaki Iwai (JPN) 33y 1m