Background Facts

Please note that the information is calculated as of the tournament start date and is not updated thereafter.

  Association Latest result Best Result
Canada Canada - - - -
China China - - - -
Japan Japan - - - -
Korea Korea - - - -
Russia Russia - - - -
Scotland Scotland - - - -
Sweden Sweden - - - -
United States of America United States of America - - - -
Finals played
Medals won
Games Played
Games Won
Tracy Fleury (CAN)
Selena Njevogan (CAN)
Liz Fyfe (CAN)
Kristin MacCuish (CAN)
Ying Yang (CHN)
Ying He (CHN)
Xu Meng (CHN)
Chengyu Sun (CHN)
Satsuki Fujisawa (JPN)
Chinami Yoshida (JPN)
Yumi Suzuki (JPN)
Yurika Yoshida (JPN)
Minji Kim (KOR)
Hyerin Kim (KOR)
Taei Yang (KOR)
Sujin Kim (KOR)
Alina Kovaleva (RUS)
Galina Arsenkina (RUS)
Anastasia Bryzgalova (RUS)
Ekaterina Kuzmina (RUS)
Eve Muirhead (SCO)
Jennifer Dodds (SCO)
Victoria Chalmers (SCO)
Lauren Gray (SCO)
Anna Hasselborg (SWE)
Sara McManus (SWE)
Agnes Knochenhauer (SWE)
Sofia Mabergs (SWE)
Jamie Sinclair (USA)
Sarah Anderson (USA)
Taylor Anderson (USA)
Monica Walker (USA)

Players with age known: 25 of 32

Average age of the field: 25.6 years

Taei Yang () 18y 11m
Hyerin Kim () 19y 0m
Minji Kim () 19y 3m
Sujin Kim () 19y 8m
Ekaterina Kuzmina () 22y 11m
Sarah Anderson () 23y 9m
Taylor Anderson () 23y 9m
Monica Walker () 31y 9m
Anna Hasselborg () 29y 7m
Agnes Knochenhauer () 29y 7m
Victoria Chalmers () 29y 0m
Eve Muirhead () 28y 7m
Satsuki Fujisawa () 27y 6m
Galina Arsenkina () 27y 5m
Youngest skips
Minji Kim () 19y 3m
Ying Yang () 24y 1m
Alina Kovaleva () 25y 9m
Jamie Sinclair () 26y 9m
Oldest skips
Anna Hasselborg () 29y 7m
Eve Muirhead () 28y 7m
Satsuki Fujisawa () 27y 6m
Jamie Sinclair () 26y 9m