Background Facts

Please note that the information is calculated as of the tournament start date and is not updated thereafter.

  Association Latest result Best Result
Canada Canada 3 Cathy Borst (1998) 1 Sandra Schmirler (1997), Marilyn Bodogh (1996), Sandra Peterson (1994), Sandra Peterson (1993), Heather Houston (1989), Pat Sanders (1987), Marilyn Bodogh-Darte (1986), Linda Moore (1985), Connie Laliberte (1984), Marj Mitchell (1980)
Denmark Denmark 2 Helena Blach Lavrsen (1998) 1 Marianne Jørgensen (1982)
Finland Finland 10 Jaana Jokela (1998) 6 Jaana Jokela (1994)
Germany Germany 5 Andrea Schöpp (1998) 1 Andrea Schöpp (1988)
Japan Japan 8 Mayumi Ohkutsu (1998) 4 Mayumi Ohkutsu (1997)
Norway Norway 4 Dordi Nordby (1998) 1 Dordi Nordby (1991), Dordi Nordby (1990)
Scotland Scotland 7 Kirsty Hay (1998) 2 Christine Cannon (1994), Carolyn Hutchinson (1990), Isobel Torrance Jr (1985)
Switzerland Switzerland 6 Cristina Lestander (1998) 1 Erika Müller (1983), Gaby Casanova (1979)
Sweden Sweden 1 Elisabet Gustafson (1998) 1 Elisabet Gustafson (1998), Elisabet Gustafson (1995), Elisabet Johansson (1992), Elisabeth Högström (1981)
United States of America United States of America 9 Kari Erickson (1998) 2 Lisa Schoeneberg (1996), Lisa Schoeneberg (1992)
Andrea Schöpp (GER) 10
Dordi Nordby (NOR) 10
Hanne Woods (NOR) 10
Malene Krause (DEN) 9
Jaana Jokela (FIN) 8
Marianne Aspelin (NOR) 8
Louise Marmont (SWE) 7
Elisabet Gustafson (SWE) 3
Katarina Nyberg (SWE) 3
Louise Marmont (SWE) 3
Elisabeth Persson (SWE) 3
Dordi Nordby (NOR) 2
Hanne Woods (NOR) 2
Andrea Schöpp (GER) 1
Finals played
Dordi Nordby (NOR) 4
Hanne Woods (NOR) 4
Andrea Schöpp (GER) 3
Marianne Aspelin (NOR) 3
Elisabet Gustafson (SWE) 3
Katarina Nyberg (SWE) 3
Louise Marmont (SWE) 3
Medals won
Dordi Nordby (NOR) 7
Hanne Woods (NOR) 7
Louise Marmont (SWE) 7
Marianne Aspelin (NOR) 6
Elisabet Gustafson (SWE) 5
Katarina Nyberg (SWE) 5
Elisabeth Persson (SWE) 5
Games Played
Dordi Nordby (NOR) 110
Andrea Schöpp (GER) 103
Hanne Woods (NOR) 87
Malene Krause (DEN) 86
Louise Marmont (SWE) 75
Jaana Jokela (FIN) 74
Marianne Aspelin (NOR) 54
Games Won
Dordi Nordby (NOR) 75
Andrea Schöpp (GER) 61
Hanne Woods (NOR) 60
Louise Marmont (SWE) 54
Elisabet Gustafson (SWE) 41
Katarina Nyberg (SWE) 41
Elisabeth Persson (SWE) 41
Kim Kelly (CAN)
Mary-Anne Waye (CAN)
Nancy Delahunt (CAN)
Laine Peters (CAN)
Avijaja Petri (DEN)
Jaana Hämäläinen (FIN)
Minna Malinen (FIN)
Ayumi Onodera (JPN)
Mika Hori (JPN)
Yumie Hayashi (JPN)
Anne Laird (SCO)
Nadia Raspe (SUI)
Tanya Frei (SUI)
Nicole Strausak (SUI)
Luzia Ebnöther (SUI)
Andrea Stöckli (SUI)

Players with age known: 39 of 50

Average age of the field: 29.8 years

Andrea Stock (GER) 18y 4m
Ayumi Ogasawara (JPN) 20y 4m
Yumie Funayama (JPN) 20y 11m
Akiko Katoh (JPN) 20y 11m
Natalie Nessler (GER) 22y 9m
Margaretha Lindahl (SWE) 24y 5m
Marianne Haslum (NOR) 25y 2m
Colleen Jones (CAN) 39y 3m
Hanne Woods (NOR) 39y 0m
Kim Kelly (CAN) 36y 11m
Isobel Hannen (SCO) 36y 3m
Malene Krause (DEN) 35y 9m
Elisabeth Persson (SWE) 35y 1m
Dordi Nordby (NOR) 34y 11m
Youngest skips
Akiko Katoh (JPN) 20y 11m
Luzia Ebnöther (SUI) 27y 5m
Debbie Knox (SCO) 30y 6m
Lene Nyboe Bidstrup (DEN) 32y 7m
Oldest skips
Colleen Jones (CAN) 39y 3m
Dordi Nordby (NOR) 34y 11m
Elisabet Gustafson (SWE) 34y 11m
Patti Lank (USA) 34y 8m