September 2016 - Site Release

Date: 9/8/2016

Summer is over and the site has been updated. There has been a tremendous amount of work put into the site. Unfortunately most of it is invisible to you as a user since it's related to administration of the site like getting live results the same way as the main WCF tournament sites do,

This said, there are a few updates that we hope that you will appreciate

  • The most important part is that a lot of work has been put into improving the performance. It will be interesting the next couple of weeks to see if the changes makes a difference.
  • Due to the way pages are structured printing them has not been pretty to be honest. I have made a simplified page so it's easier to print tournaments and persons. Hiopefully it will provide the inormation you need. Look for the print button on those pages.
  • Some base facts has been added to the tournaments statistics tab so that you can see a number of items like the oldest and youngest players etc.
  • There are now some base facts for a championship so it's possible for each team to see how did the association fare the last time they participated, Their best result and a few other things. It makes it easy to see if it's been a long time since an association participated the last time.