Background Facts

Please note that the information is calculated as of the tournament start date and is not updated thereafter.

  Association Latest result Best Result
Bulgaria Bulgaria - - - -
Canada Canada - - - -
Denmark Denmark - - - -
England England - - - -
Italy Italy - - - -
Scotland Scotland - - - -
Switzerland Switzerland - - - -
Sweden Sweden - - - -
United States of America United States of America - - - -
Finals played
Medals won
Games Played
Games Won
Svetozar Kirov (BUL)
Ivan Shopov (BUL)
Parakev Arsenov (BUL)
Neli Sabeva (BUL)
Karen Blachford (CAN)
Jim Primavera (CAN)
Don Bell (CAN)
Chris Daw (CAN)
Richard Fraser (CAN)
Rosita Jensen (DEN)
Kasper Poulsen (DEN)
Lars Enemark (DEN)
Preben Nielsen (DEN)
Henrik Harlev Petersen (DEN)
Ewan Park (ENG)
Ken . Dickson (ENG)
Noel Thomas (ENG)
Ian Wakenshaw (ENG)
Fabio Tripodi (ITA)
Federica Trota (ITA)
Egidio Marchese (ITA)
Andrea Tabanelli (ITA)
Frank Duffy (SCO)
Alex Harvey (SCO)
Michael McCreadie (SCO)
Elaine Lister (SCO)
James Sellar (SCO)
Urs Bucher (SUI)
Cesare Cassani (SUI)
Manfred Bolliger (SUI)
Therese Kämpfer (SUI)
Silvia Obrist (SUI)
Bernt Sjöberg (SWE)
Anette Svensson (SWE)
Glenn Ikonen (SWE)
Jalle Jungnell (SWE)
Claes Hultling (SWE)
Doug Sewall (USA)
Wes Smith (USA)
Danelle Libby (USA)
Sam Woodward (USA)
Mary Dutch (USA)

Players with age known: 22 of 42

Average age of the field: 40.8 years

Noel Thomas () 21y 10m
Svetozar Kirov () 28y 3m
Fabio Tripodi () 28y 7m
Anette Wilhelm () 29y 9m
Chris Daw () 31y 11m
Egidio Marchese () 33y 1m
Danelle Libby () 33y 1m
Wes Smith () 61y 9m
Sam Woodward () 57y 1m
Michael McCreadie () 55y 10m
Ian Wakenshaw () 51y 11m
Rosita Jensen () 50y 8m
Jalle Jungnell () 47y 2m
Glenn Ikonen () 46y 8m
Youngest skips
Svetozar Kirov () 28y 3m
Chris Daw () 31y 11m
Andrea Tabanelli () 40y 9m
Jalle Jungnell () 47y 2m
Oldest skips
Ian Wakenshaw () 51y 11m
Jalle Jungnell () 47y 2m
Andrea Tabanelli () 40y 9m
Chris Daw () 31y 11m