Background Facts

Please note that the information is calculated as of the tournament start date and is not updated thereafter.

  Association Latest result Best Result
Canada Canada 2 Terry Braunstein (1965) 1 Lyall Dagg (1964), Ernie Richardson (1963), Ernie Richardson (1962), Hector Gervais (1961), Ernie Richardson (1960), Ernie Richardson (1959)
France France - - - -
Norway Norway 6 Ulf Engh (1965) 5 Per Holaker (1964)
Scotland Scotland 4 Chuck Hay (1965) 2 Alex F. Torrance (1964), Chuck Hay (1963), Willie McIntosh (1961), Hugh Nielson (1960), Willie Young (1959)
Switzerland Switzerland 5 Theo Welschen (1965) 5 Theo Welschen (1965)
Sweden Sweden 3 Börje Holmgren (1965) 3 Börje Holmgren (1965)
United States of America United States of America 1 Raymond "Bud" Somerville (1965) 1 Raymond "Bud" Somerville (1965)
Alan Glen (SCO) 2
John Bryden (SCO) 2
Chuck Hay (SCO) 2
David Howie (SCO) 1
Alois Zimmerman (SUI) 1
David Howie (SCO) 0
Alan Glen (SCO) 0
John Bryden (SCO) 0
Chuck Hay (SCO) 0
Alois Zimmerman (SUI) 0
Finals played
Alan Glen (SCO) 1
John Bryden (SCO) 1
Chuck Hay (SCO) 1
David Howie (SCO) 0
Alois Zimmerman (SUI) 0
Medals won
Alan Glen (SCO) 1
John Bryden (SCO) 1
Chuck Hay (SCO) 1
David Howie (SCO) 0
Alois Zimmerman (SUI) 0
Games Played
Alan Glen (SCO) 12
John Bryden (SCO) 12
Chuck Hay (SCO) 12
David Howie (SCO) 6
Alois Zimmerman (SUI) 5
Games Won
Alan Glen (SCO) 6
John Bryden (SCO) 6
Chuck Hay (SCO) 6
David Howie (SCO) 3
Alois Zimmerman (SUI) 0
Fred Storey (CAN)
Bernie Sparkes (CAN)
George Fink (CAN)
Ron Northcott (CAN)
Maurice Sulpice (FRA)
André Ducrey (FRA)
Alain Bozon (FRA)
Jean Albert Sulpice (FRA)
Rudolf Ingebrigtsen (NOR)
Henrik Mollerjius (NOR)
Johann Lefstad (NOR)
Nils Wiedemann (NOR)
Wolf Lennartz (SUI)
Walter Eleganti (SUI)
Paul Kundert (SUI)
Sven Fryksenius (SWE)
Ove Ingels (SWE)
Olle Gewalt (SWE)
Lars Dracke (SWE)
Mike O'Leary (USA)
Gerry Toutant (USA)
Joe Zbacnik (USA)
Bruce Roberts (USA)

Players with age known: 2 of 28

Average age of the field: 27.8 years

Bernie Sparkes () 25y 5m
Ron Northcott () 30y 2m
Ron Northcott () 30y 2m
Bernie Sparkes () 25y 5m
Youngest skips
Ron Northcott () 30y 2m
Oldest skips
Ron Northcott () 30y 2m