History of the WCF results and statistics web site

For many years the WCF (then ICF) didn't collect results and statistics from their championships. The medal winners were kept but no results and no lineups. Had it not been for the work of three journalists who retrieved and put together the results and lineups from all the World, World Junior and European Curling Championships this web site would never have seen the light of day.

The journalists were: Doug Maxwell, Bob Picken and Håkan Sundström

Since this web site was created in 2002 it's been an on-going detective work to retrieve the missing information. I have received an endless number of updates from all around the world regarding anything from changing a letter in a name to people whom proof-read a number of the Championships.

I would like to extend a special thanks some of all the people whom helped me through the years

  • Jussi Uusipaavalniemi - who helped me with anything Finnish
  • Peter Becker, Hugh Millikin and Loren de Pape - who helped me collect most of the information regarding the Pacific's
  • Johannes Jensen - who sees to it that I'm correct regarding anything that has to do with Tårnby CC in Denmark :-)
  • Richard Maskel - who gave me the whole WCC Challenge of 1989. These challenges are one of the things I'm still desperately seeking
  • Christian Saager, Nadine Saager (Curlstat) and Brian Connelly (CCA) - for supplying such excellent results and statistics services from an endless number of championships
  • Keith Wendorf and all the WCF staff - it's a part of their job to support me with information but never the less I do appreciate it
  • Erika Müller - for helping me with every Swiss curler who changed their name when they got married
  • Markus Schaal - that proof-read all the European's when I entered them and found a number of inconsistencies
  • John Brown - for supplying me with a number of World Challenges, line-scores from the ECC's, proof-reading and pure interest in records keeping.

... and many many more...

I thank you all
Paul Ahlgren
WCF Results Keeper